spinning rods

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Spinning rods
We are one specialized company in manufacturing the medium grade and high grade fishing rods: Fly rod series, Spinning rod series, Pole rod series<put-over& telescopic>, Carp rod series, Match rod series, Feeder rod series, Surf rod series, Bolognese....
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spinning rods
JS31068C Carbon Item no. Length Sec. Closed length Minor dia. major dia. Action 561 5.6ft 1 1700mm 2.4mm 11.7mm MH 601 6ft 1 1820mm 2.4mm 12.2mm MH 661 6.6ft 1 2000mm 2.4mm 12.6mm MH 701 7.0ft 1 2120mm 2.4mm 12.8mm MH
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spinning rod
Material; carbon fiber Action:5-20g,10-30g, Section:2pcs,3pcs,4pcs Length:1.80m,2.10m,2.40m,2.70m Reel seat:gun-style reel seat or FFJ reel seat Guide; SIC copy or LTS ring Hndle; full cork Butt tail; AL or cork Best design and reasonable pr....
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fishing rods
We specialize in manufacturing high quality the fishing rods: Spinning series, Fly series, Pole series , Carp series, Match series, Feeder Series, Surf series in different speicfications with affordable prices! Elite have their own engineer s....
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fishing rods,
material: fiberglass, carbon length: various section: various type: telescopic rod, pole rod, spinning rod, rock rod, surf rod, centre open rod, boat rod, fly rod, match rod, cast rod and so on OEM is allowed Especially for the fishing rod ma....
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Nylon Mesh Sleeve
Nylon Mesh Sleeves expand easily and enjoy great abrasion resistance, fire-retardance and thermal insulation property. Protective and insulation sleeves used for computer power cord, audio-video, automotive, aviation, wire and cable industries. Nylon....

spin rod
MODEL NO. LENGTH SECTION ACTION MATERIAL GK05006 180 2 5-15G FIBERGLASS GK05006 210 2 10-30G FIBERGLASS GK05006 240 2 20-40G FIBERGLASS GK05006 270 2 30-60G FIBERGLASS GK05006 300 ....
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Fishing Rods
Rod manufacture is one of our strengths. In this field we have around 500 workers and around 50 professional R&D engineers. Our rod products include fly fishing, spinning & casting, carp, matcher & feeder, boat, surf/beach, trolling, ice rod, t....
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magnetic construction toy
UNIMAG educational construction toy consisting of two basic components - magnetic bars and balls. 7 precision moulded plastic coated bars with south-polarised magnet at one end and north-polarised magnet at the other 7 nickel-plated steel spheres....

Magnetic Intelligent Toy
Only with nicked-plated steel spheres and plastic-coated steel rods with various colors can construct into all kinds of colors and shapes connects. Spheres and rods with diverse number and angle connect into various structure toys and arts such as py....
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