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spiral tube forming machine 1500
This machine line is for producing round air duct for various uses, such as for HVAC round ducts, oval ducts, chimney flue, etc.

* Special Model Easy To Adjust
* High-Speed synchronal flying Cutting System
* CNC Operation Convenient For Worker
* Light and small, suitable for job site
* Large diameter range
* High quality and high service life
* For processing of tubes in stainless steel, Galvanization steel plate, Aluminum and copper.
* Automatic tube ejection device, Automatic setting and length measuring device.
* Automatic counting system for number of tubes produced.
Main technical data
Diameter Range: SBTF-1500
Tube Diameter: 85-1500mm
Tube Length: 100-8000mm
Thickness of Strip: 0.4-1.2mm
Width of Strip: 137mm
Strip Speed: 1-38/min
Dimension (L x W x H) :2100*2000*2850mm
Weight: 2000kg
Control System: PLC automatic control
Main Motor Power: 11kw
The power of hydraulic pressure motor: 4kw
The power of water pump motor: 125W
The power of feeding motor: 125W
Cutting system: Roll-and-Shear random cutting
Run-out frame: Hydraulic pressure drops in automatic way
Forming system: Each duct with one mold(Fitting out mold each below "300mm for choosing two among them)
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