Sell split core current transformer

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high quality silicon steel sheet metal slug with very high magnetic permeability as transmit magnetism material are used in the LMZK1-10 current transformer, which has quite high survey precision and quite low meter security coefficient. It is suitable for measurement, signal collection and relay protection in the power distribution lines, transformers, and electrical equipments. When it is used in the microcomputer protection (RTU, FTU etc. ) , current loops impedance of microcomputer protection system is less than 50m(Ohms) .
Configuration format
High quality epoxy resin poured into inflaming retarding PVC ring Doss hell is adopted in two half cirque metal slug and secondary windings. It has many advantages, including small size and cubage, light weight, and dispense with maintenance. It is especially fit to be fixed on the incoming/outgoing cables of the high-tension switchgear, and the two half cirque of the current transformer encircle the split phase cable tightly and uniformly. It has two configuration formats of single ratio and double ratios and two Installation modes of plastic waistband and stainless steel waistband, and it is applicable to all the 35 mm2-500mm2 and 10kV cables.
Usage terms
1. Ambient temperature: -5-400
2. Height above sea level within 1000m
3. Installation site: indoor
Main technical parameter
1. Rated voltage: 10kV or 11kV
2. Rated frequency 50/60Hz
3. Rated secondary current 5A or 1A
4. Short time power frequency withstand voltage from secondary windings to earth: 3kV
5. Burden power factor COS=0.8 (lagging)
6. Permitting long running in condition of 1.2 multiple rated current.
7. Other technical data pls see the following sheet.