Sell split pressurized solar water heater

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Pressurized solar water heater
Pressurized solar water heater utilizes high absorption rate and low projection rate coating of vacuum tub , and it changes solar radiation into heat energy , Meanwhile, the copper pipe inside the vacuum tube could quickly transfer the heat into the water tank , Eventually it leads to gradually increase water temperature in the whole water tank , Vacuum tube could work as long as it has sun radiation
Pressurized solar water heater characteristics:
Heat pipe has the functions of ? one way heat transer, small thermal capacity , low start-up temperature.
Heat pipe could resist low temperature , even in the low temperature condition it will not be broken .
For inner tank , we adop high frequent melting technology . Water heaters rated pressure is 0.6Mpa and 0.4Mpa
It can directly connect with tap water system; pressurized and automatic operation
1 No water in the heat pipe , It eliminates the low heat efficiency problem caused by fur, And it also could avoids the damage problem caused by cold weather , Even if im the cold weather, the whole system could also work smoothly
Principle of Pressurized Solar Water Heater
The pressurized water tank has on exhaust hole, therefore, it must bear the pressure came from tap water and hot water , When usr, the hot water comes out beacause of water pressure, Vacuum tube absorbs solar energy , and conductive copper transfers the heat into the pressurized water tank, In this case , the water inside the tank becomes hot , No water in the heat pipe makes the whole system could bear pressure
Advantages of Pressurized Solar Water Heater
1 The system is pressurized
2 Keep a constant temperature of water in the tank
3Avoid the problem came from water level controller
malfunction which could cause water flow out