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Spray booth:
Zhongda series spraybooths are highly economocal and reliable, provide spraying, accelerated drying or baking in one clean, fast operation. The Zhongda airflow system provides a scrupulously clean environment within the booth. Operators may therefore work with complete comfort and confidence, using virtually any type of today's paint materials.
Zhongda enjoys high reputation as well, ISO9001, ISO9002, ETL, CSA, CE.
MODEL: ZD-701-C900
Inside Dimensions:7(L) *4(W) *2.65(H) m
Outside Dimension:( I )7.12(L) *5.42(W) *3.35(H) m
(II) 7.12(L) *5.67(W) *3.35(H) m
Wall Panels:prepained steel sheet, double skined with insulations(EPS or Glass-wool) , tongue and groove interlock construction, thickness:60mm
Doors:3-fold main entrance doors,3(W) *2.6(H) m; One personnel door,0.8(W) *2(H) m
Basement and Floor: Pit base(type4) or raised metal-base(0.3m high) , complete grating floor
Intake:(I) Onebackwardinclinedturbofan, capacity:25000cmh, motor:7.5kw, direct drive
(II) Two double-intake centrifugal fans, capacity:25000cmh, motor:4kw*2,
Belt drive
Extract:(I) Onebackwardinclinedturbofan, capacity:25000cmh, motor:7.5kw, direct drive
(II) Onebackwardinclinedturbofan, capacity:25000cmh, motor:7.5kw, direct drive
BY-Pass: Pneumatic damper from spraying to baking cycle
Heating System:Stainless heating exchanger,600-800 working temperature. RL28oil burner from Riello, Italy. (gas burner optional)
Filter System:4sorts of filters:Prefilter, ceiling filter,
Floor paint-stop filter, extract paint-stop filter
Lighting:Upper inclined lights; side wall panel lights
Ceiling Filtration Area:22m2 or 28m2
Control System:World famous components, digital temperature
Readout, spray and bake temperature setting, bake timer , houer
Meter, over temperature alarm, indicator lights, emergency stop
Photohelic pressure gauge with motorized damper control