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Zhongda 700 spraybooths are highly economical and reliable, provide spraying, accelerated drying or baking in one clean, fast operation. The Zhongda airflow system provides a scrupulously clean environment within the booth. Operators may therefore work with complete comfort and confidence, using virtually any type of todays paint materials.

Inside: 7000(L) x 4000(W) x 2650(H) mm
Outside: 7124(L) x 5226(W) x 3350(H) mm

l Walls and doors are of double paneled construction, 60mm thick with insulations (EPS) . Tongue and groove interlock construction.
l The exterior coating is maintenance-free orange vinyl, the interior is white baked polyester.
l Plastic film for shipping protection.
l Air handling plants: intake from side of the plant and extract to outside, may be fitted to any desired side around the booth.
l Windows and lights made with tempered safety glass.
l 2-fold main entrance doors, 2800(W) x 2860(H) mm.

full perimeter neoprene door gaskets,
with positive internal locking bar in threshold base and solid header base.
l One personnel door, may be fitted in any desired location, 800(W) x2000(H) mm. (additional doors are optionally available)
l Both doors are equipped with pressure latches.
l Floor arrangement:
Type (a) :
Two rows of checkered plates, three rows of grids, raised floor, with paint-stop filters.
Metal basement: 300mm high, outside ramps.
Type (b) : (standard)
Two rows of checkered plates, three rows of grids, raised floor, with paint-stop filters.
Metal basement: 300mm high, inside ramps.
Type (c) :
Two rows of grids floor with paint-stop filters.
Excavated tunnel basement,
no ramps necessary.
Type (d) :
Two rows of checkered plates, three rows of grids, raised floor, with paint-stop filters.
Metal basement, height: 300mm.
Base-down installation, no ramps necessary.

8 units of lightings with four 36watt tubes each (32 tubes total) in ceiling for shadow free illumination.
Six side lightings optional, each with 4 tubes
(6 x 4 x 36w, vertical installation; or 6 x 4 x 30w, horizontal installation) .

Four kinds of filters provide a scrupulously clean environment.
Prefilter  located on supply end of air make-up unit,
Filtrair VNF 290-EU4
Main ceiling filter  located inside the cabin in the ceiling, Filtrair CC-600G fine filters, 6 pieces,
Filtration area: 22m2

Floor filter  located under the grids,
Filtrair PA-50 paint stop filters
Extract filter  located inside the extract box,
Filtrair PA-50 paint stop filters

Two centrifugal fans intake, air capacity: 20000m3/h, two 3kW motors, belt drive, vibration free.
High efficiency stainless indirect heat exchanger can be fired by either oil, natural gas or propane gas.
85-90% of cabin air is recycled during bake cycle through manual By-Pass damper, heat rise up to 800C.
Temperature is controlled by a Variable Electronic Controller, which digitally displays both pre-set and actual temperatures.
Indirect Heat Burner: Baltur Spark26 oil burner, heat capacity up to 260000Kcal/h;
Or Riello RL28 oil burner (optional) , two-stage fire,
heat capacity up to 280000Kcal/h. (Gas burner also optional)
Filtering of incoming air as well as recycled air and extract air.

One centrifugal fan extract, air capacity: 20000 m3/h, one 5.5kW motor, belt drive, vibration free.
Cabin pressure controlled by manual extract damper.
Floor filters and post-filtration before extract fan minimize the pollution of atmosphere.
Sparkproof construction.
Pre-assembled and tested.
Optional active-carbon filter.

Control Panel:
All components are from world famous manufacturers, such as Siemense.
l Digital temperature readout.
l Spray and bake temperature settings.
l Bake timer.
l Magnehelic gauge with manual damper to accurately monitor cabin pressure.
l Hour meter.
l High temperature alarm.
l Operation indicator lights.
l Emergency stop switch.
One year warranty on parts & labor.
Five years warranty on cabin.
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