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spray booth
BZB(BaoZhongBao) Auto Paint Spraying/Baking Room is able to spray paint in all kinds of weather and automatically at some constantly-kept temperature level. Extra-thick Italy-made Filtering Cotton can block away 99% of dusts and other Foreign granules in the air to guarantee zero impurity of paint coat in spraying. The air exchange as frequent as 256 times per hour in spraying drives the contaminated air always keep the internal air clean and refreshed and thus to do good to the workers health. In paint baking imported Burner is run for heating, the high-efficiency Heat Energy Convertor produces all-descending hot airflow, and the whole auto paint-coat is dried up by low-temperature complete drying without the troubles to dismantle the rubble parts and chairs of vehicles. The process is rational and well-considered for simple handing. The paint-coat on every section of an auto can be dried up at the same speed, presenting smooth and shining appearance when finished even without surface burnishing, In addition the Anti-overpressure Emergency device of the Emergency Exit safeguards against internal overpressure to give you the absolute safety reliability.
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