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DDN owns a complete spunlace line imported from Europe and uses high quality fiber to produce high quality fabric rolls applicable to household, medical and wipers. Our products have the advantage of web uniformity, soft feeling, high strength, strong absorbance and assured safety, good for a variety of wet wipes. It is sanitary with no irritation to skin, also good for medical bandage and gauze. It will not scratch or damage the surface while used in wipers. Our fabrics are well entangled and lint free with strong dust-absorbing capacity, favorable in kitchen and industrial wipers.

Product Composition: Viscose and Polyester, Composite Fiber, Split Fiber, Bamboo Fiber, Corn Fiber, etc.
Weight Range: 30~100g/m2
Roll Width Range: 100~2250mm
Production Capacity: 10000T/Y
Color: White

Production Application:
Household sanitary rolls: Such as wet wipe for baby, wet wipe for lady, ladys facemask, general wet wipe, disinfection wet wipe, cleaning wet wipe, cosmetic wipe, towel roll in hotel, restaurant, and at public and office sites.
Medical rolls: Medical bandage, gauze sponge, dental patch, eye pad and other medical gauzes.
Wipe rolls: Kitchen wipe, glass and instruments wipes, industrial wipe in clean room, wipes for precision instrument.
Sanitary material:Used for the cover of sanitary napkin, panty liner and diaper.
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10000 Tons Per Year
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