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England: Gun for ash squirrel in order to save on the verge of extinct red squirred
The squirrel is very lovely small animal, but, recently England drew up a plan, deciding to catch to kill the ash squirrel in great quantities, this is why? Originally, these ash squirrels that becomes disaster in England come from the United States, because their are more stronger than native red squirrel in England, and the reproductive capacity is strong, therefore, in rob competition, share food aspect, the red squirrel always in the bad situation. Currently, there have more than two million ash squirrel in England, but no more than two handred thousand red squirrel, the proportion
is serious unbalance. Therefore, the British government issue order, catch to kill to the ash squirrel at where is distroyed seriously forest area by them. In order to prevent the habitat of red squirrel further breakage. But, the relevant personnel call, the measure that catches to kill the ash squirrel is not to extinguish all of them, it in order to control the ash squirrel quantity, Thus make the natural ecosystem system instauration balance of England.
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