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Colour-system: 2 colour-wheels. Colour-wheel 1 with 9 different, dichroic colour-filtres and white. Colour-wheel 2 with 6 different, dichroic colour-filtres and white and additionally with correction-filters 3,200 K and 6,000 K and UV-filter. Via the two correction-filters, up to 64 different colours and semi-colours can be created. Rainbow-effect in both directions. Gobo-wheel 1 with 9 static metal-gobos and open. With gobo-shake function for static gobos. Gobo-wheel 2 with 3 rotating metal-gobos, 1 glass-gobo, 2 multicolor-dichro-gobos and open. The rotating gobos can be turned by 360˚ , the adjusted position is memorized. The rotating gobos can be interchanged. Via the combination between dichro-gobos and color-wheel or multicolor-dichro-gobo even more colour-combinations possible. High-speed rotating 3-facet prism. Remotely controllable motorized focus. Combined shutter/dimmer unit allowing very smooth dimming and strobo effect 1-13 flash per sec. Modular construction of fixture. Addressing, special functions setting, effects calibration via control panel with 4-digit LED display. Remotely switching of the lamp. Built-in demo sequences. Macro-function for rotating gobos/rotating prism combinations. Black-out while Head moving or gobo/colour/prism changing. Remotely controllable speed of Pan/Tilt movement for easy programming. Remote reset function. Intelligent control panel with 4-digit LED display. Silent fans cooling; remotely controllable speed of fans. 16 DMX-channels - 16 bit Pan/Tilt movement resolution. 14 DMX-channels - 8 bit Pan/Tilt movement resolution. Pan-movement range 540 degree. Tilt-movement range 270 degree . 8/16 bit movement resolution. Automatic Pan/Tilt position correction. High luminous-efficiency parabolic mirror and double condenser system. Motorized multi-step-zoom with three different apertures (15 , 18 and 22 degree ) . Motorized focus controllable via DMX. Steplessly adjustable iris. Preprogrammed variable/random iris pulse effects. All lenses are anti-reflection coated. 14 high-quality stepper-motors for smooth movements. Self-resetable thermo-fuse. For PHILIPS MSD 575 GX-9,5, PHILIPS MSR 575/2 GX-9,5 or OSRAM HSR 575/2 GX-9,5 lamp. DMX-control via every standard DMX-controller.

Power:AC 120V 60Hz or 240V 50Hz
Lamp:MSR 575W

Brand Name
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
480 x 380 x 680 mm
Model Number
Terms of Payment
T/T or L/C at sight
Warranty Coverage
one year