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 Lamp: PHILIPS MSR 575/2
 Power supply: AC220V/50Hz or AC120V/60Hz
 Power consumption: 800W
 14/16 DMX control channels
 Lamp Control: Automatic and remote on/off
 2 separate color wheels
 Color wheel 1: 9dichroic colors + open white,
rainbow effect in both directions
 Color wheel 2: 6dichroic colors+open white,
5600K and 3200K CTO, uv filter for wood light,
rainbow effect in both directions
 Total number of unique color: 81
 2 separate gobo wheels
 Gobo wheel 1: 6 rotating interchangeable and
indexable gobos+open white
 Gobo wheel 2: 9 fix gobos+open position with
gobo shake function, robo-gobo effect
 Motorized stepless iris
 High-speed rotating 3 facet prism
 Remotely controllable motorized focus
 Combined mechanical dimmer/shutter
 Smooth micro-step driven dimming:
variable strobing 1-10 flashes per second
 Remotely controllable fan speed
 Pan movement range 530:, tilt
movement range 280:
 Selectable 8 or 16 bit pan/tilt movement
 Automatic pan/tilt position correction
 Addressing, personality setting and
effects calibration via 4-digit LED control
 Stand alone and master/slave operation,
on board programming
 3 freely programmable programs
 Dimensions(LxWxH) : 545x535x675mm
 N. W. : 34.5kgs
 G. W. : 42kgs
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