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stained glass(triple glazing)

our company are active in the field of producing glassware products. There are a range of products including glazing glass, beveled glass, tempered glass, and all kinds of glassware used in the window and doors.
The Characteristics of Shengda Glass:
1. Exquisite, Crystal-clear, Luxurious and elegant. Sheng Da Glazing combines the Eastern and Western culture and adopts the modern top craftsmanship. The craftsmanship is movel and unique , which makes modern life more cozier.
2. Offering natural lighting, Saving energy, Dustproof, Heat resistant, Frost resistant. Sheng Da Glazing has beveled glass in metal came inside and tempered glass outside. The patterns are inside the glazing, which makes stronger lighting effect.
3. Vacuum inside and Sound insulation, resistant to oxidation, easy to clean. Sheng Da glazing adopts seal adhesive tape imported from America and advanced German heat pressure seal technology. Vacuum is generated by high temperature, which prevents brass came from oxidation and makes sound insulation effectively.
4. Resistant to impact , Keep new forever, Strong and durable.
5. Full specifications, Various styles, Extensive uses. We can prlduce glass according to customers' requests.
It's the most fashionable and ideal decorative material for modern families, apartments, villas, hotels, writing rooms, etc.
The products can be used for doors, windows, screens or separating the outside doors, glass walls, ceilings, etc.
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