Sell stainless steel anchor  windlass

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Vertical windlass:
Stainless Steel Anchor Windlass with Compact Motor, Marine Capstan and Marine Hardware Windlass
1, Motor output power: 800W
2, Voltage: 12 or 24V; DC Motor
3, Normal current draw: 100 or 50A
4, Maximum working load: 250kg (550lbs)
5, Maximum power pull: 700kg (1,540lbs)
6, Line speed: 20m/min (65.5-feet/min)
7, High polished SS316 stainless steel windlass for both power and sailboats
8, Windlasses are made in China for major European companies to CE standard and then rebranded as high-source and sole worldwide
9, Styled deck unit conceals a robust, reliable and worm gearbox
10, Offers maximum strength and control
11, Rope chain combination gypsy for rope and chain combination or chain only
12, Size:
 Chain: 8mm (5/16-inch) to 10mm (3/8-inch)
 Rope: 12mm (1/2-inch) to 14mm (9/16-inch)
 Boat: 14 to 20m (46 to 66-feet)
Power Requirements
12v 24v