Sell stainless steel food cover

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DIAMETER: 18 21 24 28 30
QUANTITY:100pcs 100pcs 100pcs 100pcs 100pcs
Outside-box measure:45x37x38 45x43x45 75x25x49 75x29x54 78x61x31cm
MEASURE:0.063 m^3 0.087 m^3 0.092 m^3 0.117 m^3 0.147 m^3
DESCRIPTION: This food cover makes in to from the stainless steel of, its residing a life to the house is badly now practical. We all have to realize so and deeply: The weather of summer is very hot, the disgusting fly again full day flies. Those flies like to chase delicacy tasty food, at this time if we in order not to fly bite but accept foods all into the inside of the kitchen cabinet, very naturally, in summer so blazing hot weather under, food very quick will grow worse of, this rows not come. The video frequency covers now of the emergence solved this problem, as long as covered up it food, the fly can't near food, and because its material is a stainless steel, past not easy rusty, convenient and practical, is really quite good!
Brand Name
Huan Yi
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
3000 pcs