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Material: 316LD surgical stainless steel

Stainless steel has been used increasingly in jewelry in recent years. The benefits include a high resistance to corrosion which prevents rust, a resistance to high temperatures, long term durability and a bright, easily maintained surface providing for a modern and attractive appearance.


Is Surgical Steel safe for use in body piercing? in my opinion yes!, it has been constantly proven by extensive testing to be one of the safest things to use for the purpose of medical implantation. Professional Body Piercers, and manufacturers of body piercing jewellery have an obligation to their customers, to produce, and use only the highest quality jewellery. At present there is very little mention made in any piercing literature of the specific requirements of the production of Surgical Steel for the use of Body Piercing jewellery, and therefore there hasn't been any standards to use as a benchmark of quality.

As Surgical Steel accounts for the great majority of jewellery used for piercing, I have attempted to find the most comprehensive material related to 316L grade Stainless Steel, which is classified for the use of "Surgical" implantation purposes. Hopefully this article will provide the exact details that responsable jewellery manufacturers and body piercers need to determine the quality of the Surgical Steel jewellery they use, or produce.
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