Sell stainless steel pipe

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Seamless pipe
The production of seamless steel pipes is adopted the most advanced hot extrusion and cold rolling technologies in the world. It has been invested 230 million RMB on the 3,500t hot extrusion press, which is the No.1 in China and the 9th in terms of unit steel extruding ability in the world.
OD: 6-219.1mm WT: 0.8-16.0mm
Welded pipe
With the application of welding voltage, current and speed automatic control in the key work procedures of production line as well as the international-level technological skills and equipments of X ray flaw detection and intermediate frequency induction solution treatment, Jiuli's product quality has been leading in the national industry.
OD: 10.3-2540mm WT:0.5-25.0mm