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Shuilishi 4-inch and 6-inch stainless steel series of deep well submersible pumps are a kind of high performance wearing electric pumps that introduced the advanced pump technology from the foreign companies. Their power units are equipped with the water-type stainless steel submersilbe motor manufactured with the international advanced technology. With the absolutely zero pollution to the water, they are splendid immersilbe pumps of the domestic and overseas ones. High quality stainless steel shell, axis , coupler, dividing base and pump head (or copper alloy dividing base and pump head) , new-type high strength sand-proof wearing polymer based composite impellers, and stainless steel guide shell are used. New-type floating structure impellers have no axial stress upon the motor in work. The stator is externally welded and internally lined with stainless steel, and filling sealed with epoxy resin. Then the products have such Features as good sealing performance , corrosion resistance, quick heat elimination, deep-water pressure resistance, long longevity and low cost. The rotor takes the squirrel-cage type and the tank is casting molded with high quality aluminum ingot or circumferentially welded with copper strip and copper ends so that it is hard to distort or fracture and has good conductibility and high efficiencyl. the sheet steel has gone through the chemical treatments and won't rot. In addition, footstep bearing is adopted that larger axial load can be Borne. The motor inside is lubricated and cooled with water for the water won't bring pollution and special maintenance is unnecessary . The general dividing depth of this pump can amount to 350meters, which solves the domestic problem of deep-water activities and scientific research