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Starch Pellet
It is made of pharmaceutical starch and the starch content is not less than 95%.
It is used as cores to be coated in the manufacture of controlled-release or sustained-release pellets as critical pharmaceutical adjuvant
1 white or kind of whiter near circular pellets
2 Sugar free pellets and offer a good alternative for sugar sensitive users
3 High physical chemical stability
4 It can absorb fluid extract of traditional Chinese medicine and be used as cores for traditional Chinese medicine.
5 Insoluble in water and low osmotic pressure
6 Low cost
7 Standard: conform to the USP, BP, EP.
Product ID and size (mm)
P1: 0.2~0.335 P2: 0.355~0.5 P3: 0.5~0.71 P4: 0.71~1
It can produce starch pellet according to your requirements such as particle size. Welcome to contact with me freely if you are interested in it.
Supply Capacity
ISO 9001
Available Colors
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
25 Kg/Barrel