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Mini static-electricity-resistance apparatus with LCD discharge display

1. Features
Dissipate the human bodys static electricity safely and quickly;
Electric rubber at the top can prevent against cutting the interface;
The liquid crystal display (LCD) show the discharge status;
Static electricity can drive the IC and running for a long time, batteries is not necessary;
The shape is delicate and can be attach at the key chain, very convenient.

2. Function
Static electricity dissipation quickly: static electricity can be dissipated within 0.5 second to 1.0 second when touch the electriferous object.
A wide range of usage: Suitable for a lot of eletriferous object (human body, garment, electricity, car, computer and TV set etc. ) .
Safety & convenience: the use of electric rubber to ensure 100% dissipate static electricity and prevent against electrostatic discharge .

Color:sky blue , wine red