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Name: steam recovery machine
No: Pro2008125105138
Model: LZ-Z2
Manufacturers: lvzeep
Model: LZ-Z2, LZ-Z4
Status of enterprises using steam
1. Accounted for 25% of the total heat of the high-temperature condensed water direct discharge, waste a lot of heat and soft water, and cause thermal pollution.
2. Not paying enough attention to steam trap of selection, management and maintenance, with a serious problem of steam trap leakage, some even dont use traps but valve to control steam emissions, and waste a lot of heat.
3. As a long-term of direct discharge, boiler to run a serious overload, high fuel consumption of coal, high cost, and then affect benefits.
Principle of operation
Steam recovery machine is composed by two parts mechanical transmission system and compression system. Compression system is mainly used in high temperature components, wear-resistant new materials, within a unique seal designed to ensure the smooth running of the recycling machines. Recycling machine drive system driven compression system to work, full recovery the waste steam and high-temperature condensate which emission by steam equipment of production technology, direct pressure into the boiler, this form of closed-loop pressurized circulatory system can be achieved by recycling soft water saving, energy saving and fuel-saving purposes.
Energy savings and performance characteristics
1. Economizer capacity up to 20%~30% of the original amount of coal, significantly lower production costs.
2. Condensate recovered can be achieved to more than 90%, corresponding savings in soft water usage and disposal costs. As the temperature of the revered condensate is high, can reduce the temperature difference boiler drums
to avoid the plate thermal expansion and contraction and stress imbalance, to extend the service life of the boiler.
3. Saving electricity by less chance of starting of blower, induced draft fans and water intake pump.
4. Steam equipment dont use standpipe, improve gas equipment of heat exchange, eliminate the noise of drainage device, substantial improve to the original hot and noise working environment.
5. Increasing the carrying capacity of the boiler, steam pressure, steam temperature is more stable.
6. Condensed water from the recovered must avoid the thermal pollution of the natural environment.
7. Vapor Recovery Equipment with a simple structure, operation and maintenance costs is low.
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