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Steel grit is ball shaped grain fogged from liquid steel and excellent heat treatment control gives it optimum elastic and anti-fatigue property. Such steel shot is suitable for shot-blast treatment in all walks while special hardened steel shot can be used in intensified treatment.

Such steel grit is made from broken cast steel shot after heat treatment and then is heat-treated again. Excellent material and proper heat treatment make it of high hardness, big density and compact microscopic structure, so it is of fast cutting speed, less abrasion and flat cutting surface when cutting stone material. We can make out most suitable product scheme according to customers actual situation because different stone processing enterprises have different saw equipment, cutting speed, cutting pressure ability to cut granite, etc. characters. We can supply customers with special steel sand on request, such as special hardness, size, and combination with steel shot.

Iron grit is made from broken iron shot being heat treated, is of high hardness, sharp angles which make it of high-speed spray-etching and scraping ability. It is especially used in metal surface treatment which need higher etching and scraping requirement and is also used surface treatment works of outdoor sand-blasting operation.