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Scrap steel will be loaded into steelmaking furnace and molten after sieving and dewetting. If the chemical composition and target temperature of molten steel are satisfied, the molten steel will be poured into ladle and conveyed to continuous caster, then be made as billet with specified length.

Steelmaking furnaces are mainly classified as arc furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, and oxygen top-blow converter, which are used for the melting of carbon steels and various alloy steels.

Arc furnace: common power and high power from 150kw-23000kw with volume capacity from 0.5T-50T. Screwing uncover for feeding is available for the cover.

Intermediate furnace: power from 110kw-8000kw, and volume capacity from 0.3T-20T.

Oxygen top-blow converter: power from 6000kw-20000kw, and volume capacity from 15T-40T.