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Omega series

Omega series is basic example of OSP capacity to innovate and create optimized sections to answer specific needs of our customers. OSP capitalized, on its return of experience from ground field to develop, design, test and produce a competitive alternative sheet piles. Omega series reflects the potential of OSP to adapt our sheet piles based on your project requirements.

An innovative section to ease sheet piling installation that is adjacent to existing building

An innovative manufacturing process allows changing of profile width that provide a wide range of omega sections

Higher width reduces number of interlock per meter run of wall and directly improve water tightness control of wall

The O(Ohms) series was designed with optimized section for the following applications:


Permeability cut off wall

Riverbank structural protection

Please be informed that all sheet piles are formed in continuous rolling process to the required sections with interlock able to fit into each other Tolerances on Sheet piles ( reference standard: BS EN 10249)

For further information regarding applications for which this section applied, or dimensions and quotation please contact us directly.
Brand Name
Oriental Sheet Piling
Model Number
Omega Series