Sell steel structure waterproof sealant

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ACST 8506 Butyl Sealant is a kind of neutral sealant of monocomponent based on butyl rubber. It possesses excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. For interface deformation and cracking, it has strong adaptability; it is outstanding especially in water resistance, sealing performance, low-temperature resistance and adhesion.
Application field:
It is easy to occur forcing deformation and appear shifting at the joint because of own change of the structure and action of other exogenic forces such as wind load and snow load in the roofing system of steel structure. As the stress is out of step, it is apt to cause cracking of binding site. It often causes water leakage at the joint of the roofing because sealing strip and silicone adhesive used at present can't move in step.