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An economical, convenient way to package instruments, swabs and other items for sterilization. sterilization rolls have easy to read color process indicators to signal exposure to sterilization conditions. Blue tinted plastic aids in the detection of puncture holes caused by pointed/sharp instruments. use only the width and length required. For use in steam, chemical vapor and EtO sterilizers.
GD50100 50mmx100m
GD55100 55mmx100m
GD75100 75mmx100m
GD10100 100mmx100m
GD15100 150mmx100m
GD20100 200mmx100m
GD25100 250mmx100m
GD30100 300mmx100m
GD35100 350mmx100m
GD40100 400mmx100m
GD50200 50mmx200m
GD55200 55mmx200m
GD75200 75mmx200m
GD10200 100mmx200m
GD15200 150mmx200m
GD20200 200mmx200m
GD25200 250mmx200m
GD30200 300mmx200m
GD35200 350mmx200m
GD40200 400mmx200m