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PET rollers for use of machine

[Description of product ] Dust absorbing rollers for use of machine is used with cleaning machine to remove dust on the surface of products in dust-free workshop

[Composition of raw materials]Release layer: Release layer base material: PP film (polypropylene) glue: Adhesive: Polypropylene adhesive Hardener: Isocyanate (or carbimide) : Decomposing solvent: ethyl acetate

[Advantages of product] PP film base material, convenient for cutting, and cutting edge is flat, easy for folding; one side of base material is coated with adhesive, which is of high viscosity, not easy to be peeled off , non-contaminated and has no needle holes and the other side is coated with release layer, convenient for peeling, without residual adhesive and it is durable.
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