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Advantages and features:
1. High-efficiency and energy-saving
Traditional cooker such as gas range, electric stove, electric fryer or electric boiler wastes a lot of energy. They waste a lot of energy up to 30%~50% in the process of heating. The electromagnetic-induction cooker is heaed by electro-magnetic induction while the cooker itself consumes no any energy at all so that it reduces energy consumption to the least degree and its heating efficiency is more than 80-90% with higher speed

2. High security
The cooker is powered by electricity so that it can prevent individual injury. Furhermore, all the wire is well wrapped by insulating materials and is isolated from peoples touch.

3. Clean and enviromental
As said above, the cooker, which is powered by electriciity, produces no pollutant and exhaust. It creates better environment for cook and kitchen. Electro-magnetic induction cooker helps you solve the problems caused by energy shortage and environment pollution.
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380V/50/3+N 20Kw+15Kw
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