Sell stone anchor, railing

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we could provide various stone anchors, stone fixing material in 304 stainless steel. Custom-made products are available.

Raw material: available KO 33 (A2) , or KO 35 (A4) quality stainless steel
The consists of complete holder-kit: 1 pc PXL holder clip, 1 pc stabilizer thorn 1 pc screw head, 2 pc mother, 1 pc dowel
Stabilizing: The dowel can be used according the EU standards and the producers technical parameters
Indication: PXL body size (h) / chargeability (N) + screw head size (Mxl/b)
Sample: PXL 100/300 N+ TF M10x80/25
Sizing: Airgap= isolation+ventilating airgap or wall deflexion +s= stone slabs thickness
Other sizes are up to your demands.

stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum alloy handrail and railing. Custom-made products are available.