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Stone Pendants
Stoned Pendants - Various designs & styles available - Various colors & shapes of stones available - Diiferent color plating upon request - Various chain styles combinations - OEM designs welcome We are one of the leading manufacturers of met....
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Stone Cross Pendants
Stoned Cross Pendants - Various designs available - Different colors & shapes of stones - Different plating color upon request - Various chain styles combinations - OEM designs welcome We are one of the leading manufacturers of metal products....
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Big Semi-precious Stone Necklace
Name: Semi-precious stone Necklace Item: ON 2763 Color: shiny light brown Description: The light brown semi-precious stone pendant is the main trait of this necklace. Second, the tiny chains. If you look this necklace carefully, you will find t....

African Moroccan Moon Pendant Necklace
Awesome Tribal Pendant - hand enalled - hung on deep red, translucent stone beads! Pendant is made from silver and copper alloys. This is one of our One-of-a-Kind Pendant Necklaces styles, for which we offer a beautiful assortment of Moroccan pendan....

Dionne Necklace - Chrysocolla Semi-Pracious Stone
Dionne Necklace 3 Strand; 50mm Chrysocolla semi-precious stone pendant; crackle glass beads, faux pearls, glass chips, dyed troca, metal spacers Mystical Properties: Wearing Chrysocolla Jewelry is thought to improve psychic ability. Sometimes m....

Stone Pendant
Stone pendant that made from silver that combine with stone. We could provide another model. Please see our website.
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Pastel couple
(KGS/031) : Salem pastel colour of stick shape aventurine necklace (16') plus a cube nature stone pendant (0,8'x0,8') and a nickel plated bracelet embracing the three caramel coloured stone (1'x1,2' each) , with bali beads. (wrapt in nice cute box) ....
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Black&White tone necklace set
(KAGrS) : Black&White small nuggets stones& chain necklace(20') with its black marbled stone pendant (2'x1,6') , gather with the same tone earrings, plus 5 solid black stones (1'x0,6') bracelet. wrapt in cute box.
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Gemstone Cross Pendant
This Sterling Silver Gemstone pendant is handmade and all Gem Stones used in the manufacture of Silver pendants are genuine with a lot of care taken in keeping the shape, size and color of Gem Stones Consistent. Packing is Derika Standard. You co....

Gemstone Cross Pendant
These are beautiful Sterling Silver Cross Pendants available in a wide variety of Gemstones in different colors. These Crosses are hand made and they carry the Derika Quality of fine craftsmanship with regard to the consistency in size and shape of t....