Sell straight centrifugal mill

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Straight Centrifugal Mill adopts rolling and grinding principle and scientific structural design, introducing several technologies of pre-grinding, which is used to grind various non-inflammable, non-explosive stuff in mining, building, chemical, metallurgical industry. It can grind high, medium and low hardness material with hardness degree below 9.5, such as zirconium, granite, barite, marble, limestone, calcium sulphate stone, slag, etc. The final product size can be adjusted between 0 and 2.8mm according to the customers' demand.

Working Principle
In the process of operation, the motor drives the roller hanging bracket through v-belt wheel and central axis, and while the rollers rotate around the axis, they are also rotating inside the ring. Blower makes the inlet and outlet of the mill negative pressure, there is no dust pollution, and meanwhile it can cool the machine.

1. Model FGL650
Max Feeding Size(mm) 20
Finishing Size(mesh) 12-300
Main power(kw) 22
Breeze machine power(kw)11
Choosen machine power(kw)3
Total power(kw) 36
Overall Dimension(m)4.2 W 3.5 W 5.5
Total weight(kg) 4700

2. Model FGL800
Max Feeding Size(mm) 25
Finishing Size(mesh) 12-300
Capacity(t/h) (t/h) 1.9-10
Main power(kw) 45
Breeze machine power(kw) 15
Choosen machine power(kw) 5.5
Total power(kw) 65.5
Overall Dimension(m) 5*4*7
Total weight(kg) 6800

3. Model FGL1000
Max Feeding Size(mm) 30
Finishing Size(mesh) 12-300
Capacity(t/h) (t/h)3.5-15
Main power(kw) 75
Breeze machine power(kw) 30
Choosen machine power(kw) 7.5
Total power(kw) 112.5
Overall Dimension(m) 6.5*5.5*9
Total weight(kg) 11000