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This machine is an automatically strapping device which stands after the cans palletizer. It has features like highly automatic, neat strapping, smooth and reliable operation, and pleasant figure. In the strapping procedure, it automatically senses the strapping location, passes the strips, pulls tight, hot adheres, cuts the strips, pulls out the loaded pallets and goes back to standby state. The whole automation system replaces manual operation, which improves strapping quality and efficiency, and reduces operators and intensity of labor.
Functions of device & Technical parameters:
1. Operating dimensions: pallet dimensions: 1100mm x 1400mm or 1000mm x 1200mm, (pallet height140 to 150mm) , stacking goods height1200 to 2200mm;
2. Packing speed: <=30s/track(excluding locating time)
3. On-line deliver platform height: 620130mm
4. Power: 380V/50Hz/1000W;
5. Hot adhering location: lateral side; Adhering method is the same with other equipments;
6. Adhering location is 650mm from the conveying line, which means the height of the goods to be strapped should be more than 750mm;
7. The distance between the lateral side of the goods and edge of the conveying line should be less than 200mm;
8. The inter-space of the pallets where the strips pass should be more than 80mm in height, 100mm in width;
9. Strapping manner: parallel 1-2 tracks cylinder puncture, opto-electronic or manually;
10. Operating process: First the goods are delivered to the strapping area. When it reaches the first strapping position, non-shaft cylinder under the packing machine starts to work and moves closer to the pallet, and the strap track at the bottom stretches. After the first strapping, the machine goes back to original position. Then the goods are delivered to the second strapping position. The machine repeats the first action and moves out the pallet to the turning table. The turning device turns the pallet by 90 degree and deliver it back to the strapping area. Same strapping procedure is operated. Now the packing peocedure is finished(conveying line and turning platform should be equipped additionally) ;
11. Straps: PP band, width (13 to 14mm) W thickness (0.7 to 0.9mm) , inside diameter 210mm, outside diameter: less than 460mm;
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