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Play with the " submarine " brief introduction of the teaching aid: Play with teaching aid " submarine " regard a battery No. 5 as motive force , change according to submarine one's own weight principle design and make, but does not sail with the depth at the bottom on the surface of water , in water, appearance form and real submarine are as good as, children can hold on water container and play in the indoor bathtub , bath tub , etc. , it is simple to operate, convenient to be safe, inspiration children explore the interest of science, improve its creativity, well received by children and welcome! Operation instructions: First, in is it let water from water hatch water cabin before and after entering slowly to sail under water, the more water entered in water cabin is, it is the larger to make the depth of diving; Second, is it is it surface three water of cabin , adjust submarine head and balance of head to arrange to sail in surface of water It is before finger pin or after water cabin, water water yield of the cabins before and after being control access to, the head is higher than the tail, dive under water the depth can be up to 2 meters.