Sell submersible vortex pump

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fluid temperature up to 400
maximum operating depth 5 m below water level

These pumps are suitable for handling dirty water which is not chemically aggressive to the pump components.
grey water pumping
sump emptying
septic effluent water disposal
pumping of light slurries and factory waste
water transfer

open impeller vortex, centrifugal design is able to pump small soft solids in suspension and is less susceptible to blockage
double mechanical shaft seal in oil bath with graphite / ceramic seal on pump side for added motor protection and long service life
stainless steel shaft, stainless steel motor shell, cast iron pump body
SV180(F) , SV250(F) impellers made of PA66+30%GF
SV450(F) , SV750(F) , SV1100(F) , SV1500(F) , SV2200(F) impellers made of cast iron
protection IP58, insulation class B
with thermal overload protector in motor
external float switch for automatic pump operation