Sell sulfanilic acid --linxin chemical

sulfanilic acid --linxin chemical
Molecular formula:C6H7O3NS
Molecular Weight:173.19
CAS NO: 121-57-3
Quality index:
Item Index
Appearance:white to off white powder
Assay(total ammino) , %>=99.00
Aniline content, %<=0.02
Water insolubles content, % <=0.10
Sodium carbonate solution:Transparent

Property:White to off white powder, m. p. 2880C, at 3000C, it will be carbonized, density 1.485(250C/40C) , slightly soluble in cool water, soluble in boiling water, slightly soluble in ethanol and benzene.
Use:It is an important intermediate used to produce dyestuff, printing & dyeing auxiliaries etc. It is also an ideal intermediate used in food dyes, pharmacy and building materials areas.
Packing:In woven bag with plastic lining, net weight 25kg, or upon clients' request.
Transport:Avoid impact or rain.
Storage:In cool. dry and airy place, avoid moisture.