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Sulfur Mill, mainly used in the production of sulfur powder, the fineness ranging from 60 to 325 mesh. The production made by our company dedicated to grinding mill with closed-end flow and added anti-explosion devices, filling the gas flame retardant. Meanwhile, we add the installation of air filtration devices and cooling devices . So we can guarantee the quality of our products. At the same time, we can provide a full range of production line equipment according to the needs of customers. The device can be mechanized fully. Customers home and abroad are weclome.
Sulfur Mill is a air-milling machine with a full-circle closure. Before the mill machine works, the fire-retardant gas (nitrogen) are filled to replace with the air inside. After the access of materials, the fire-retardant gas are supplemented continuously to prvent the burning of the sulfur powder.
The cooling filtration system is adopted in this equipment, so that the temprature can be controled at the rangement of 18 to 220. Because the sulfur powder can become soft while being heated, which could affect the output of sulfur. After being cooled , the sulfur powder can be seperated easily, the function of filtration system is to control the content of sulfur powder in the refluxing air.
Closure air system is adoptted both in feed and output of the machine to prevent air to flow and fire-retardant gas overflow.
Raw materials are transported to raw materials warehouse by conveyor belt, then are put into the mill to crush by closed-air feeder which is at the bottom part of raw materials warehouse. Closed-air feeder can not only prvent the air from entering, but also control the feeder rate.
After the powder is made, the air-closed feeder will sent the powder to the air conveyor. Then the powder is sent into the product storehouse by air conveyor. The powder is packed quantitatively by Automatic Packing Machine which placed at the bottom of the product storehouse. Finally the packed powder is transferred to the storehouse.
The main engine current of electric control cabinet should be paid attention to when adjusting the flow of Automatic Feeder. Working electric current and motor rated current should match, so as to avoid the mill over loaded.
The other point which should be paid attention to is the air inflow of flame retardant (0.2 m3/3 ton) . Low content of flame-retardant air will cause to burn.

Operating procedure
Starting the main engine.
2. Starting the extention engine.
3. Starting the inflatable system.
4. Starting the cooling filtering system.
5. When feeding, adjust the feeder slowly. Output system should not be manual but automatic.
6. Starting the air conveyor.
power off.
1. Turning off the feeder.
2. Turing off the main engine after five minutes.
3. Turning off the extention engine, inflatable system, cooling filtering system after three minutes.

Equipnent installation and after sverice.
For domestic customers, we will send technical engineers to the buyers site for installation and debugging machine with free of charge
As for overseas client, we send techincal engineers to the buyers site for installation and debugging machines, expenses abroad should be paid by the buyer. (including around air tickets, hotal, board abroad and not less than 33dollars salary per day for each technical engineer. )
If foreign customers can install themselves, we can provide the installation drawings.
7. We guarantee quality of the machines for a peried of six months. (exclude easily damageable parts. )
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