Sell sun shield coatings

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SUN-SHIELD 110/120/130 coatings consist of
silver-plated-copper/pure silver particles dispensed in a one-component, acrylic resin system. SUN-SHIELD conductive coatings provide EMI shielding, anti-static protection, and
surface grounding in a wide range of applications.
Developed especially for commercial applications, SUN-SHIELD series conductive coatings are formulated to provide high levels of EMI shielding effectiveness and excellent adhesion on a variety of plastic materials used for electronic enclosures, These include polycarbonate, ABS, PC-ABS, Noryl and PVC. Recommended applications include plastic enclosures for mobiles, PDAs, notebooks and desktop PCs, routers, servers, medical electronics, and military terminals etc.
Other Grades Available: SS312, SS155, SS121 SS116, SS116 Foxconn. SS560 etc.