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100% market share in domestic market

National trade standard for the cleaning hulling and separating for sunflower seeds in China

Exported to UK, the country of origin of 2 times of Industry Revolution

Function and Features
TFKH1000 is one of Qiaopai Group' patented products with independent intellectual property. It contains 7 national patents and is for removing various impurities in sunflower seeds (including big impurities and small impurities, removing debris with similar size and weight properties, heavy impurities, light impurities and empty seeds) , to hull, remove shells, separate and re-separate your products. The unhulled seeds will be returned to the dehuller for rehulling automatically, thus automation degree has been greatly improved.

The equipment features low electricity consumption, compact structure, minimum space occupation, low damage of seeds and kernels, automatic feeding of unhulled seeds, easy operation and maintenance. It is well recognized to be one of the most optimum equipments for sunflower seeds cleaning, hulling and separating in the world.


Technical Parameters
Power: 13.99Kw(380V)
Input capacity: 0.8 -1 ton/hour
% of whole kernels: 90% min. (Broken kernel is that less than 1/2 of whole kernel)
% of seeds in the kernels: 2% max.
% of seeds and kernels in shells: 0.3% max.
Space occupied: 20.5mW2.8m
Height: 3.4m
Weight: 7t
Operator: 2 workers

feed-in hopper 1, elevator 2, multi-function cleaner 3, primary elevator 4, Distributed choke-relief and cluster dehuller 5, shells-seeds-kernels separator 6, seeds-kernels separator 7, twin-outlet spiral elevator 8, separator for removing pin-shaped shells 9, twin-outlet spiral elevator 10, re-separator 11, twin-outlet elevator 12, re-separator 13, kernels bin 14, electric control cabinet 15,