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Skylite Second-grade Fireproofing FRP sheet
Product Type: Fireproofing FRP

Mechanics Features: High steel and high tenacity FRP.

Resin Ingredient: Adopting addictive fireproofing resin like FHH-1092

Fiber Intensity: Non-alkali, non-twist, non-glue glass fiber.

Surface Treatment: Pasting film Meline301

Reinforced Bending Line: Having anti-pull reinforced bending lines with longitudinal uniform distribution (It depends on consumers to choose voluntarily whether adding)

Glass Fiber: Adopting Taian high- quality glass fiber, the content no less than 30%.

Unit Weight: 1800g/m2 2400g/m2 3050g/m2

Nominal Thickness: 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm

Heat Resistance Limit: -60 to +130

Light Transmittance: 75%12% ( light green) 53%12% (cream white)

Anti- ultraviolet Rate: 99%

Tensile Strength: 100Mpa

Flexural Strength: 180Mpa

Cracking Elongation Rate: 1.9%

Pasteur Hardness: >= 50

Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 2.3W10/5cm/cm/

Thermal Conductivity:0.18w/m0k

Warranty: 10 years

The Technical Standards of High-quality FRP

1. Good tenacity. No cracking phenomenon when driving nails in roof installation

2. Having close combining with color steel plate. Cross- section thickness is uniform. The shape of FRP is consistent with steel plate.

3. Transmittance loss rate is low. No yellowing phenomenon after long term service.

4. Thermal expansion coefficient is close to that of steel plate. No cracking and water leakage in nail driving place because of expand with heat and contract with cold.

5. Light through FRP assumes scattering shape and gentle.

6. Bright and clean appearance, no distinct air bubble and cracking on FRP.

7. Anti- ultraviolet and anti- chemistry corrosion.

8. Anti- ageing and anti- pulverization.

9 Long service life.