Sell super-frequency slimming machine

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Super-frequency Slimming machine


1. slimming of melting fat
Super-frequency slimming machine produces a biological heat effect which can reach the fat at a depth of 5-12cm. It can melt the fat and eliminate the fat group. Also it accelerates the blood and lymph circulation, and speed up to get rid of the melted fat and other toxin in body.

2. Physical therapy
Super-frequency acts on the pathologic lesion, restrain the bacterics growth. Whats more, it also effects on the womens pelvic inflammatory disease, abdominal mass and the cystis. There is physical therapy effect on the rheumatic arthritis and the cervical spondylopathy. After stimulating the sympathetic nerve, it does some stimulation to the organs in abdomen. By keeping the normal hormones secretion, it delays the womens senilism.

Suitable for
1. Intenerate the construction, enlarge the vessels, stimulate the sympathetic nerve and accelerate the lymphokinesis.
2. Melt fat, such as subcutaneous fat, muscle fat and the mixed fat.
3. Mold a slim figure, recover the muscle elasticity.
4. Fatness as well as the cervical spondylopathy, rheumatic arthritis and omarthritis.
5. Womens pelvic inflammatory disease, annexitis, abdominal mass and the cystis.

1. No shower, no dressing off, no sweat, no acupuncture, no drug and no operation.
2. Acclimate with the metabolism, safe and health, reaches the truly scientific slimming.
3. No drug or other food with function, decreases the side effect to zero at most.

Frequency: Super frequency
Rating power: 250W
Power: 080Wto adjust
Time: 199min to adjust
Electricity: 220/110V 50Hz60Hz
Size: 1100W500W360mm
Weight: 35Kg