Sell super glue YX-SK2

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"*Viscosity: 3-5 CPS
*Cure speed: initial cure time-3-8s; full cure time-24-36h
*Shelf life: 6m(20-250C/68-77F) "
"Cyanoacrylate adhesive / super glue/ instant glue
* Nontoxic, environmental standard.
* ISO 14001 and SGS quality certificate, EU standard, ROHS & REACH registration.
* Characteristics: solvent-free, high viscosity, infiltration, penneation.
* Usage: for the repair and bonding of shoes industry, electronics, rubber, carpentry, and furniture industry, ideal for the repair of the red wood and rubber wood material as well as the special bonding and padding.
* Packing: 20g/pc"