Sell super intensive aquaculture systems

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Super Intensive Aquaculture Systems

1. Ornamental reef fish collection and live export facilities
2. Holding systems for local lobster, prawn and sea cucumber for live export
3. Intensive fish farming facilities for meeting both local demand and export (our standards module will supply 600 tonne of live fish a year)

All of the above can have an add on facility for aquaponics i. e. A hydroponic system which will grow vegetables mainly green salad style lettuce, tomatoes, capsicums etc on the by-products of the aquaculture system.

Our facilities are housed in purpose designed buildings in which the temperature, water quality are controlled to ensure maximum protection.

There in not one part of the fish that we do not use, eg the by-product of the fish, if you do not have the aquaponic system, is excellent fertilizer to enhance local land fertility. The bones of the fish and the internal organs of the fish are processed locally and are utilized to make saleable products. Eg. Bait, fish oil, fertilizer etc.

This process does not use any artificial chemicals, we are totally organic. Mercury and Hormone Free

We have proven export technology allowing 100% of the product to arrive fresh at destination.

We adhere to all worlds best practice.

What SAFFI Technology can do for your Business or Economy.

Create an export income e. g. the world trade in aquarium fish alone is over US $7billion per annum let alone the sale of fresh fish, chilled and vacuum packed fish and seafood.

Create meaningful employment for your young people from skilled to unskilled persons as well as creating additional demand for local industry.

Replace imports via the supply of fresh vegetables and non local fish species for the supply to resorts that need to meet their guests requirements apart from the local product.

We can also guarantee consistent supply though out the year or to supply to market needs, seasons do not impact on our facility.

There is no limitation to the species of fish that our aquaculture system can grow eg we can grow old water fish in tropical areas and the reserve as our building environment is climatically controlled.

We are environmentally friendly ( there are no unusable by-products and no impact on the local ecology)

Water is recycled in a closed filtration system.

State of the art computer technology is used to monitor all systems minimising and down time

Our research and development will allow the restocking of species that are over fished or close to extinction and we can assist in maintaining local biodiversity.

We up skill local expertise via our training programmes

We ensure ongoing supply of clean fresh organic food for the local community.

We design the exterior of the buildings to be in harmony with the local architecture and habitat needs.

In some circumstances Humanitarian Loans can be sourced, however it is a quicker, more profitable enterprise if we can source funding locally.

SAFFI welcomes both private and government enquiry for a quotation specific to the needs of your government or organisation.
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