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SR intelligent controller is a new type of programmable controller programming by FBD, which is simpler and easier to learn than the conventional PLC. Combining with voice module and remote control module, it can perform telephone remote controlling, wireless controlling, voice prompting and auto-dialing functions. Being used with expansion module, the input/output points can be expanded to satisfy your requirements.

The input terminal can receive not only digital value but also analog value, to perform control and transmission of the temperature, moisture, pressure, flow, liquid level and many kinds of other information. The wiring between the host and the modules can be either fixed bridges or flexible connection, which makes the functions more thorough and stronger.

SR intelligent controller is widely used in mechanism automatic equipment, flow control, building automatic control and many other fields. Thus the automatic control really enters every part of people's life, especially in the intelligent housing area and automatic control systems in which time control is needed. SR really does a job with skill and ease. With dainty and compact appearance and highly integrated design, the product is making your life more convenient and freely and enter the real super intelligent space.

SR Application:
1. Multifunction Switch of the Illumination in Stairs , Halls etc
2. Automatic Gate Control requirements
3. Ventilation System
4. Illumination System for Display Window
5. Auto Water-supply System of the Water Tower

Wireless remote control
Virtual key
Removable HMI and WRT
Easily change preset value
Display alarm message
Telephone and voice alarm
Can be extended to 82 I/O
8 channel analogue input
Telephone remote control

General Technical Specifications:
Supply voltage: AC100V-240V/DC12-24V
Output current: Relay 10A/Transistor 2A
Programming method: FBD
Program Capability: 128 Blocks
Counter: 128
Timer: 128
RTC: 128 Switchs
Maximum I/O: 82
LCD display: 4*10Charact
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
60000 Units/year
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
Terms of Payment
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