Sell supercritical paprika oleoresin

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Supercritical capsanthin is the capsanthin made by the advanced CO2 extraction technology. Thus the quality is highly improved. The product has the characteristics of high purity, low melting remaining, low metals'ion, low impurity, no chilli taste and so on. It is available for more uses. Our supercritical capsanthin matches the international standard of FAO/WHO. The main composition of supercritical capsanthin is capsanthin and capsorubin.

Use and methods

Extensively applied to cakes, instant noodle, pickles, canned food, butter food, seafood, meat, pork, sausage, canned asparagus, dishes, drugs, cosmetics, birds feed. . . etc. Mixed with edible oil or put in directly as the additive quantity required.

Package & Storage


Packed in ethylene food bucket, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg each, PVF food bucket for 200 Ls only, May also be packed as per the customer.


Sealed completely, avoid light, place in low temperature and dry environment. Do not store and transport with other harmful materials.