Sell superheterodyne receive module

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GDRX-DT/4DOUT is a VHF/UHF wireless receiving module of superheterodyne rolling code. The module can be used in for GSM/GPS system, guard against theft and alarm system, brake, automatic doors or windows, garages gate, and other place which need wireless remote control. It adopting the SAW, insure the frequency have no excursion or distance dont change when librated or high/low temperature. It has excellent reliability and stability, can avoid the disadvantage of regenerative circuit which liable to be interfered and low reliability. This receiving system is a perfect choice where need high demand.
Characteristic as follows:
(1) It has high sensibility and strong anti-jamming ability, the receive distance is twice of others. (it can solve the problem of the rolling code losing effectively) !
(2) It can respond to almost 300 pieces transmit module.
(3) It has excellent ability of suppress assemble or scatter radiation, easy pass kinds of instrumentation.
(4) Due to excellent shield , it can adapt kinds of installing environment, consistency is nicer.
(5) It has ability to restrain the radiation, can worked with several pieces module (one piece transmit module and several pieces receive module ) , and have no interference to each other, and do not influence the receive distance.
(6) Adopting the SAW, insure the frequency have no excursion when librated or high/low temperature. the capability is immobile, and the temperature range is wide.
(7) Enhance the anti-jamming ability for the mobile telephone, improve decoding waveform. .
(8) Frequency: 433 / 315MHz.
(9) Adopting keeloq code hopping of MICROCHIP company, rolling code coder and decoding(PIC SCM) , it has 40 hundreds million kinds of rolling code arrange in pairs or groups, will not repeat and has good secrecy, it can prevent cope and scan.