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Honeycomb ceramic plate of infrared corrugated-surface is mainly used in infrared gas burner. This kind of plate increase the specific surface area by changing the simple complicate surface into corrugated three-dimensional one, so as to play the better role of heat-reserving and combustion-supporting. This product realizes the full combustion without, and effect of infrared burning and heating, consequently meet the requirement of low energy loss and environmental protection. It also avoid the high energy loss and inadequate discharge resulting from long flame and incomplete burning in the gas burning.
Infrared gas burner is made with lacunars ceramic plate as burning stove-head and handled by advanced scientific technology. This item has many advantages, including the high efficiency and energy saving, little pollution, economical and practical usage, easy installation, high ventilated rate and heat-radiation etc. Compared with electrical drying, it can save 50% energy consumption at least. Nowadays, this product has been applied to oven, computerized automatic drying machine, oven particular for gas and infrared, food roasting tank and line, bottom installation of spraying production, in paint firing, printing and dyeing as well as food industries.

1) Large specific surface area and low airflow resistance
2) Applications:
a) Catalyst carrier: to lower the temperature of organic matter, purify
industrial waste gas and car waste gas
b) The medium of heat exchange: save 12% energy
c) Static organism carrier: microorganism solid in medicine and foodstuff fields
d) Fire resistance tool: little quality/volume rate, high speed of transmitting heat, high heat efficiency
e) Coal gas burning distributed plate: accelerate completely burning and save energy of 10%

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