Sell suppling Plastic additives, Light Stabilizer 770,622, 944, UV Absorber UV-531, UV-9, UV-P

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Offer Plastic Additives such as Light Stabilizer 770,622, 944, Antioxidant 1010, 1076, 168, 264, 1098, UV Absorber UV-531, UV-9, UV-P, UV-326, UV-327, UV-328, UV-329/5411 etc. We are professional supplier of Plastic Additives. Of course, we can produce to your special requests. Please contact us for more information.

Light Stabilizer 622

It is white or light yellow grain solname. The content of available nitrogen is 4.9%. Its softening temperature is 55~80. The relative density is 1.18(20) . The heat loss of 1% is 275 and 10% is 325. This product is an oligomer with good process heat stability and has good compatibility with resin. It is water-fast, and is effective to prevent the degradation of high polymer caused by light, heat and weather, water.