Sell supply/sell PET flakes washing line/PET bottle recycling line

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We are a famous PSF manufacturer in China. And we can provide very high quality PET bottle recycling line(PET flakes washing line, from bottle to clean flakes) . Possible, you would be surprised why we can produce such washing line? Because we are a PET fiber company and our raw materials is all kinds PET recycling materials, mainly is washed PET flakes.

You know we have many PET flakes supplier all over the world, but some of them capacity is not big, so sometimes we suggest them to build a recycling plant, and we provide them the washing line, thus our supplier can enlarge his capacity, and meanwhile we can get much more high quality PET flakes from them. This is the key reason that why we would like to provide them waashing line.

Till now we exactly had the rich experiences in produce and export such washing line. So we would like to share it with you if you want to buy such washing line.

In China there are some washing line manufacturer, but our advantages is that we really know how to get high quality PET flakes and how to perfect our washing line, because our raw materials is PET flakes.

If you are interested and want to further contact, please feel free to contact me then I would give you prompt reply.