Sell supply Square woven wirecloth

supply  Square woven wirecloth
Bashan Machinery Plant has manufactured metal wire cloth for military and civil use for more than 40 years.
It produces quality products mainly used in solid particle screening, liquid filtering, dustproof screen,
and many kinds of frames for screens. Square wire cloth is made in accordance with the standard of
Aviation Industries of China HB 1862-93, and the national standard GB5330-85, which is complying with
ISO9044-90. Square wire cloth has two forms: plain and twilled weave. For examples, see fig 1. and fig 2.
The specifications of metal wire mesh are shown in table 1. Some of the materials are brass, bronze,
stainless steel, and nickel. While there are many types of square mesh, it can be classified as: R10, R20,
R40/3. The aperture size is from 6.00 to 0.025 mm (3~500mesh/inch) .