Sell supply electromagnetic lock

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Product characteristic:
Easy to install/Strong magnetic
lower noise/Have protection function
Durable/No surplus magnet
No machinery trouble
Have information feedback
Special wire used , can work in the temperature within-650~+2000.
Resist strong acid , alkali and durable
Can be equiped with the Building talkbacks and access control system
Especially for flee-away and fire door
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Electric performance:
Normal voltage :12VDC , 24VDC
Power consumption: 3.3w ,5.5w
Working current : 0.27A, 0.46A
Fire door: 0.46A , ordinary door: 0.27A
Temperature range:-400~+500
Specifications : hanging type with double joint, hanging
Type, embeded type
Working life: 26,500 hours ,
One year warranty
Type: left-opened and right-opened
Holding force: 280kgs
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