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it belong to cardiovascular drug. used to first-aid to shock , and our products is the only pass the FDA certification in China.

Chemical Name: (R) -2-amino-1-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl) ethanol hydrogen (2R,3R) -tartrate monohydrate
Formula: C8H11NO37C4H6O67H2O=337.28
Appearance: a white or off-white crystalline powder
*Melting point: 100~1060(dec) (CHP2000)
Specific rotation: -44~-480(20g/l solution in 0.5m hydrochloric acid)
Infrared spectrum: pass
Identification: pass
Clarity & color of solution: pass
Limit of adrenalone: not more than 0.2%
Sulphasted ash: not more than 0.1%
Adrenaline: pass
Water content: 4.5~5.8%
Assay: not less than 98.5% and not more than 101.0%
Standards: EP4 or USP25
Packing: 20g/alum. bag in vacuum, 2kgs/box
CAS No. : 69815-49-2